NKN (New Kind of Network) is a kind of decentralized network that relies on blockchain. Decentralized applications using this network are able to connect to each other without any central point in the middle, making it much more efficient as compared to traditional centralized networks.

This article provides an overview of the NKN project and includes price predictions for 2018. What is NKN?

NKN is a protocol designed to facilitate communication between different devices. The network wraps itself around the Internet, meaning it doesn’t rely on any central server or entity to function properly.

It is an open-source network that has been built on the Plasma Protocol, which can be used by developers to make decentralized applications (DApps) that can easily interact with each other regardless of their location. The project was initiated in 2017 when two individuals named J

What is nkn cryptocurrency?

NiKun’s core believes in the future of blockchain, which is why it makes predictions about how much crypto will be worth in the next few years. NiKun predicts that the price of nkn cryptocurrency will increase by 46% this year alone.

Besides nkn, NiKun also has a vision for an ecosystem that brings together the best ideas from the digital payment and retail industries. This is why it has partnered with IBM, Mastercard and Bitcoin Suisse.

NKN’s planned blockchain solution will create a worldwide, decentralized network for payments and communications in a way that has never been done before in the digital world.

The initial focus of NKN is to improve the cost of payments between China and the rest of the world but that can easily be expanded to include China and the world.

NKN is already listed on KuCoin exchange. It will be available for trading at other exchanges soon after listing. NKN’s token sale ends in early December 2018 and it managed to raise the equivalent of $18M USD with more than 100k participants in its private sale.

The public pre-sale begins on October 30, 2018. The public sale begins on November 14.As a result of the platform being decentralized and using blockchain technology to establish trust, it has no central point of failure. This means that nodes are spread between multiple locations around the world, securing the network from attack.

Each node will be able to generate income by issuing and selling bandwidth to peers in other locations that need it. This will effectively create an ecosystem where money is no longer tied up in one location but can instead flow freely through NKN’s decentralized network . In other words, this is an internet that is truly open to everyone.

As part of the project’s goal of making a better internet, it will also allow developers to build their own dapps on the platform. This means that blockchain-based companies can build applications on top of NKN’s network and enable them to share resources more efficiently. This also allows companies to integrate with existing features in the NKN ecosystem, such as IoT and machine learning.

The goal is to create a network where companies can also share resources more freely and efficiently.The company is currently working with several companies to build their own dapps on the platform and has already announced that it will collaborate with Koding, a leading global consulting firm in the blockchain space, to develop a new smart contract security solution for better transaction processing. N

NKN Crypto Price Predictions To Increase By 46% This Year, NKN Developer

NKN has said that working with Koding will allow them to reduce transaction costs and increase transaction speeds.This collaboration marks NKN’s entry into the commercial sector, which means the project is moving

nKn Crypto Price Prediction

In the cryptocurrency industry, 2018 has been positive for investors. The market is surging with a large majority of cryptocurrencies performing well. One such currency is nKN. It has an ambitious plan for the year that includes its partnerships and ICO. NKN has big plans in the crypto space and will be an exciting story to follow in 2019.

nKN has been launched on the Ethereum network. The native token is called nKN and is listed under the symbol KNK. This cryptocurrency was one of the first to be listed on EtherDelta, a decentralized exchange.

The nKN price started 2017 at $0.00293643 but fell as low as $0.000137691 in September 2017. In October, it rose to $0.000648885 and remained there until December when it dropped again to $0.000260085 in January 2018. February saw a price rise, which ended abruptly when it fell to $0.000106176.

The first half of this year was marked by a string of small price drops, followed by a modest recovery that happened at the start of April. Later, the price dropped back to $0.000099073 by May 10, 2018 and has remained there until now. There are no positive signs for nKN at this time either as the

Why is the nkn cryptocurrency expected to increase by 46% this year?

The nkn cryptocurrency is expected to increase by 46% this year because the project has a lot of potential and the NKN cryptocurrency is increasingly accepted. The NKN Foundation is constantly working on their project and providing updates.

This means that more people will continue to trust in the nkn cryptocurrency as it becomes easier for them to use. The NKN Foundation is also constantly working on future developments and offering new products to the community. The cryptocurrency is increasing in popularity because of these developments.

The nkn cryptocurrency will increase in price by 46% this year. The nkn cryptocurrency is a digital currency that aims to improve the consumer experience and provide more options for vendors. The nkn cryptocurrency provides an instant payment system which allows people to pay and receive money within seconds, this makes it easier for people to use their money at any time.

The nkn cryptocurrency is a secure and fast payment system. This means that it is easy to make payments using this cryptocurrency, making it ideal for businesses who might need instant funds. The nkn cryptocurrency is also a lightweight payment method, which can be stored on your mobile phone or any other convenient device

How much is 1 NKN?

1 NKN = $0.008906 USD

NKN Chart by TradingView

Effect of nKN on the overall crypto market

The nKN cryptocurrency price is expected to increase by 46% this year. This is according to the NKN Developer on 5th September 2018. In the crypto world, it is not unusual for people to publish their predictions on what will happen in terms of future prices of a currency.

This can help new investors but most of these predictions are false and begin with inflated numbers.


The price of NKN tokens is predicted to increase by approximately 46% in 2018. This is according to a recent blog post from the NKN developer, who says that the project has recently received two VVIP invitations for the world-famous Blockchain Week in San Francisco.

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NKN Crypto Price Predictions To Increase By 46% This Year, NKN Developer

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